ELL Sports Night Attendance Low But Spirits High

The halls of WCI were bustling with people on the evening of September 23rd, the very first English Language Learners (ELL) Sports night of the year. ELL Sports Night is a monthly event that encourages ELL Students to interact with non-ELL students by participating in sports and various other activities.

This particular evening, however, there was a twist to the string of usual events. Instead of eating pizza and then jumping straight into the games, there was a photo scavenger hunt meant to help students get to know each other a bit better and also warm them up for the sports to come.

The scavenger hunt featured several locations throughout the school and allowed students to show off some talents and skills that others may not have known they had. They also got to let their creative sides shine when coming up with ideas for each picture.

“The best part of it was the game,” said Jiayi J., a member of Student Council who helped to run the evening. “People got to know lots about each other and had fun taking the pictures!”

Attendance was lower than usual due to the Eid al-Adha, a holiday that took place on September 24th. “It definitely affected the attendance,” said Jiayi. Despite the lower numbers, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and get to know one another a bit better.

ELL Sports Night occurs every few months, and the next one will be coming up at the end of October. It is hoped that many will attend, and that everything will go as smoothly as it did with the September ELL Sports Night.