ELL Sports Night Attendance Matches High Spirits

The gyms at WCI were full of excitement on the evening of October 28th, 2015. The second ELL Sports Night of the school year was well underway and much better attended than the first. The first, held on September 23rd, was scheduled the day before Eid al-Adha, a Muslim holiday. Due to this, attendance was slightly lower than usual. That changed with this sports night, however.

Students started to show up before the actual event started at 7:00pm, some even entering the school as early as 6:00pm, eager to play badminton, basketball, soccer, or ping pong. Although they had to wait for the official start time, it seemed to be worth the wait; the moment the gym doors opened, it was bustling with people eager to play.

When asked why she thought that the attendance was better this time, Cheng Chen H, a member of Student Council who helped to plan and run the event, said, “We prepared earlier and we had more posters up. We also made announcements earlier.”

“I felt the turnout was much better than last time, and people came early and were really excited,” said on Jiayi J, another member of Student Council who attended both the first and second ELL Sports Nights.

“It was more organized, I think there were more Canadian students. I saw many ESL students and Canadian kids playing together as well,” said Cheng Chen H when questioned about what she thought was different between this ELL Sports Night and the first one.

The next Sports Night will be held in February, after all the stress of exams has passed. Cheng Chen H. said, “[Students] were excited and they liked it, and hopefully they’ll come next time.” Both of the Human Relations Controllers on Student Council hope to see lots of people at the next ELL Sports Night, and strongly encourage people of all backgrounds and interests to participate in the event.