Artist Spotlight: Julian M.

WCI is home to many gifted students, in many different subjects, and one program that doesn’t always get the attention deserves is the visual arts program. The program has many talented artists who are passionate about what they do.

Julian M, a student in the grade 12 art class, has won the award for having the top average in each art course he takes every year since grade 9. Julian has been interested in, and experimenting with, art since he was a child, and it is something that has always come naturally to him.

This drawing by Julian hangs in the library of WCI

Julian currently has a piece hanging in the WCI library. The piece is of a woman’s face, but there is a deeper meaning. He described his piece by saying, “[I]t is to show the standards of beauty based off of what the media tells us.” The woman in the photo has many defining characteristics such as a skinny nose and big cheek bones and big lips. These are all characteristics that are “necessary” to be considered beautiful but they are attributes that few people actually have. Julian has also had his pieces featured in The Button Factory and at The Homer Watson Gallery.



The Method Behind his Madness

A view inside his sketchbook
IMG_8916 IMG_8917IMG_8913