WCI Poll: Cake Boss Challenge 2015

At WCI, there are many traditions that have existed for several years. These traditions hold a special place in the hearts of Vikings, whether they are athletic, artistic or academic. One newer tradition is the Cake Boss challenge, which is a friendly competition between the grade 10 Food and Nutrition classes. It is viewed as one of the highlights of the course: students spend a week creating a cake that is judged on creativity, design and taste. With little help from the teachers, this challenge allows the students to independently test their skills in the kitchen while collaborating with their peers. 

This semester, Mr. Nelson’s and Ms. Sawatsky’s grade 10 classes invite FJORD’s readers to participate in the challenge: to help select the winner, vote on the cake with the best design.


Voting is now closed. To see the bakers behind the cakes, go to the results post

Photos by Mr. Nelson and Ms. Sawatsky.

Cake Boss Challenge