5 Great Unexpectations

There are many things that can make a person’s day at WCI. Many of them often go unnoticed or unappreciated because they seem mundane or everyday. Recognizing them might make us appreciate them a little more. Here are five things at WCI that bring joy to many but don’t always get much attention or recognition:

1. 419
In high school, there is nothing that is dreaded more than having to use the washrooms. Boys especially aren’t known to be very clean, so it can be scary going into places that are notoriously dirty. At WCI there has been a saving grace: 419 is a washroom that goes seemingly unnoticed by the masses of students that pass by each day, leaving it clean whenever you need it.

2. A Good Song on the Announcements
You’re rushing in for first period, still trying to get out of your sleep deprived state, and you are really just not in a good mood. Nothing cheers you up quite like the nostalgia of hearing Disney soundtracks fill the halls. My eight year old self would like to personally thank each member of the announcement team.

3. The Newly Paved Parking Lot
Being a student who has driven to school for a while now, the improvements made to the parking lot over the summer have been a huge positive. The newly paved surface has erased our memories of the old dirt pile we used to call a parking lot. And the new lines make it possible for people to follow them.

4. Unexpected Extensions
Math test, English essay, Physics lab, all due in the same week: it seems impossible to get everything done well and on time. This is until one of your teachers is nice enough to surprise the class with a week’s extension. This is extremely valuable to us but it is often under-appreciated.

5. The Yearbook
That book that sits on your shelf collecting dust until one day you decide it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. The countless clichés and “Have a good summer” comments can really be a wonderful way to look back on old memories and reminisce about how you have grown throughout your years.

Perhaps you have a great unexpectation to add to this list. Email thefjordwci@gmail.com with your suggestion.