Winter Music Night Includes Mid-Day Concerts This Year

Between sports, class, clubs and activities, it can be easy to overlook most anything. WCI music, though, under new leadership this year, plans to bring the talent-filled program out of the shadows and cast itself into new light. Nearly 25% of WCI students are involved with the program in some way, and to reach out to a broader audience, the ensembles and orchestras that make up the department will be in full force this Thursday, December 10th, performing two mid-day concerts as well as the traditional evening feature at 7pm.

The annual event, traditionally called “Winter Music Night,” hopes to garner greater support by extending invitations towards community neighbours, including various retirement homes and refugee organizations. In order to ensure everyone is able to attend regardless of financial circumstances, pay-what-you-can admission will be in place.

Below are photos showcasing the students in the various ensembles as well as snippets from an interview with Mr. Piche, one of the music teachers at WCI.

To see a full gallery of music department photos, click here.


“We have one of the best programs in the province, if not the country.”

“I think it would be awesome if the school supported our students and the awesome work they are doing.”

“This holiday season, it’s very exciting that we get to play music that includes the woodwinds, brass and percussion in a symphony orchestra.”

“There isn’t an awareness of a culture of coming out and supporting and learning to understand the unique thing we have within our school.”

“The orchestra students work exceptionally hard, and I am very proud of all of them.”

“[In extracurricular] strings itself, we have 150 students. Band and choir would take us over 200.”

“[In the] academic music program … I’d say just over 250 students.”

“The success of a program such as this is only possible with commitment, dedication, and students pushing themselves to do their absolute best.”

“We’re fortunate at WCI to have students who want to go beyond ordinary and create a once in a lifetime experience for themselves.”

“We need to reach out more to our school and to our school community and the community beyond our school.”

“December 10th should be a crazy, new experience. It’s so exciting to have the whole school come alongside music and support us in our performances.”