The Weight Room: A Healthy Lunch Option

Add one more option to the list of activities for WCI’s new common lunch: weight lifting. With the switch to semestering, the weight room is now open to students and staff who want to work out.

A common lunch makes the weight room accessible to everyone. In previous years students had spares while others had class, which meant the weight room was not always available to students wanting to work out. The weight room being open at WCI during lunch now helps students balance their education and homework with lifting. And as an inexpensive alternative to well-known gyms, the WCI weight room costs only $50 for the full year (for both semesters).

When asked his opinion about the accessibility of the weight room, Mark C., the starting quarterback for the Viking football team, said, “I feel there are many students who have started working out to spend their lunch doing something useful.” He went on to say, “I have seen many students working extremely hard to stay in shape and be toned.” Mark spends a lot of his time lifting, but after a recent injury he is unable to work his upper body.

Mr. Stewart, a teacher at WCI and the coach of the hockey team and assistant coach of the football team said, “I like that the weight room is open now. I have seen many of my players in there getting ready for the season.” He also mentioned how he likes working out at the same time as them to answer any questions they have and to help them with things they have not yet mastered.

One view that can be taken about the room, now that it is available for more public use, has to do with acceptance. With the changing culture of the weight room, it is important to recognize that some students may feel intimidated to work out in the weight room. All students need to feel accepted by everyone so that they can use the facility if they want to. Senior students should act as leaders and get younger students in the weight room to workout with them.

With the weight room being open during lunch, the number of students exercising has increased from previous years. Also, it seems that many are influenced to do the best they can since they are working out with students from different levels of experience. Stronger students and not so strong students are all mixed into one gym, creating friendly competition to be better than the next person.

Even though many students despise the common lunch because “McDonald’s is too busy,” it does have its benefits.