6 Things Star Wars Can Teach You About Life

starwarsIf you’re like me, the highlight of your holidays is going to see the new Star Wars movie. Having grown up on both the originals and the prequels (yes, I shamelessly love the prequels), the release of the new movie has been a countdown in my calendar since the date was announced.

Looking back, the Star Wars characters taught me a lot about life.  Hopefully they did the same for you, too. Here are six things Star Wars taught me about life:

1. Size doesn’t matter.yoda

Just look at Yoda!  He’s 2’2”, but he’s still one of the most powerful Jedi to ever have lived.  He lived for around 900 years, and he was still able to pull a whole fighter craft out of a swamp not long before he died. Talk about spry for his age.

2. It’s okay to talk to strangers.

Listen, if Luke hadn’t reached out to the strange old recluse man in the middle of the desert, how would he have figured out it was Obi-Wan Kenobi and found his destiny?

3. Princesses kick butt.

Leia may have stood a foot lower than everyone else, but if you got in her way or tried being smart with her, she was not taking it. And neither should you. Princess means power and respect, and that’s what she got.

4. Criminals can be trusted.

Han Solo and Chewbacca may be on the side of the galaxy’s worst gangsters, but come judgement day, they proved to be loyal and trustworthy until the end.

5. Rule a planet.amidala

Padme was only 14 when she was elected Queen of Naboo.  Later she became one of the greatest rulers in the Senate. Nothing got in her way, and when something did, she was ready to fight. All with a gown, lipstick, and hidden blaster.

6. Everyone makes mistakes.

Okay fine, he created the entire Galactic Empire, killed people, and destroyed planets. But remember that sweet little Anakin from Naboo, who loved his mother and won all the pod races? How could you not forgive him?

Don’t forget to check out the new Star Wars movie, in theatres now.