Artist Spotlight: Alex K

He doesn’t paint or sculpt or draw. But he makes a different kind of art: music.

This artist spotlight focuses on Alex K, a grade 10 WCI student who is a classical music enthusiast.

At the young age of five Alex’s parents began his musical career and introduced him to the piano. Since then he has acquired and polished his skills with the clarinet and the viola. Looking at his wide range of instrument choices he says, “Well, I wanted to learn more instruments, and the clarinet just looked really cool.” Alex said he picked up the viola because it is a nice compromise between the size of the violin and the deeper sound of a cello.

In late May, 2015, Alex auditioned for parts in the KW Youth Orchestra. He has made the cut for two different instruments, and he is now going to be playing both the viola and the clarinet on February 27th for this orchestra. This is alongside his ongoing involvement in WCI’s own orchestra.

The KW Youth Orchestra is a community group that preforms three times a year. The group has five ensembles of different age and skill levels. Founded in 1966 it “has grown into a nationally recognized orchestral training program for young musicians” and is a great opportunity for younger musicians, like Alex, to have a chance at a professional production.

Playing in large symphonies such as the KW Youth Orchestra is no easy feat. Alex says the main difficulty is “finding enough time to practice,” which he says he doesn’t do enough of. While trying to perfect pieces with multiple instruments, and still keep up with school work, it can be hard to find adequate time to practice as well.

While Alex enjoys listening to and playing music, he says that he does not wish to follow it as a career. He says he wants to keep it around as a hobby and become more involved in community orchestra work. He hopes to go to university and pursue a career in computer engineering.

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