Nutrition for Learning: Is it Being Exploited?

Have you ever been running late and didn’t have time for breakfast? If so you may have been feeling not so prepared for the day. Nutrition for Learning is a program run every morning within our school and many others around the Waterloo Region. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, it provides food for kids that can’t afford or don’t have enough food for the day.


Ms. Gerrie runs this program with the help of a few other teachers. When asked why she supports nutrition for learning, Ms. Gerrie answered “Well I see the difference that it makes in students as far as learning goes, mood, focus, just feeling cared for. A lot of people don’t have someone at home to sort of welcome them and provide them with something to eat, so it does all that and you can see the change in people. WCI’s program has received a set amount of money from Nutrition for Learning for the year but Ms. Gerrie estimates that this money will only last about four months. Therefore the program relies on parents, students, and community members to supply the rest of the funding for this great program. The best way to support Nutrition for Learning is by donating on the website or in person. Although this program sheds a positive light it is questioned whether it is being exploited.  We then asked ms. Gerrie how she felt about sports teams coming into Nutrition for Learning after morning practices, she responded saying she is fine with that as the program wants it to be available for everyone. “The program wants it to be universal, they don’t want any stigma there. They want anybody who wants to use it to be able to come in and use it.” and if it is just of convenience for them to give back once in a while . Bring in a box of granola bars or drop a toonie in the jar.  Although Nutrition for Learning isn’t necessarily being exploited as it is a program available to all students no matter their situation, but some need it more than others. Students should take this into consideration and think about donating to the program if possible.

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