Athlete of the Week: Adam Piazza


Adam Piazza is a well-rounded Viking athlete who prides himself on his height and stellar skills. Throughout his 5 years at WCI, Adam has been on 11 teams overall and has contributed a lot to this school sports system. In the following interview Adam expresses his favourite things about the sports he plays, his positions, and more.

What sports do you play typically throughout the year?

Since grade 9 I have been playing volleyball and basketball for the school. Last year I was a member of the Slow-Pitch team.

What sport are you playing right now?

Right now I’m on the Senior Volleyball team.

What position do you play?

Currently I am a middle.

How long have you been playing this position?

I have been playing middle for the team for the past 2 years now, in grade 11 I was a power and then got switched to rightside.

What’s the best and worst thing about that position?

My favourite part of being a middle is blocking and hitting.

How do you think you have played this past season?

This season I feel like I have struggled with my blocking, but stepped up with my passing. I am currently focused on improving my skills going into WCSSAA playoffs.

What’s your favourite sport to play?

My favourite sport to play is currently tied with volleyball and basketball. I have found myself to be a major factor on both the volleyball and basketball team since grade 9.

What sport do you wish you could play?

I wish I could play football along with volleyball and basketball. I have always loved football and enjoyed playing the sport. Personally i think that the football season should be switched with the rugby season.

What’s the best thing about playing school sport?

The best part of being on a school team is going to tournaments and the adventures you go on with the team, the friendships you acquire with your teammates, and the people you meet when you play against them, or sitting and talking to other teams when you’re waiting to play next.

Adam is continuing his sports accomplishments for his fifth year with volleyball in full swing. Let’s hope the team can pull out the win for the Vikings!