Meet The Josh


At WCI there are many people working hard behind the scenes. One of many names would be our new Custodial Department Head, Josh. You may not not recognize him by his name but you have surely seen his kind face around. The “gentle giant”, though fairly new to WCI, has already fallen in love with the building and staff he says. “I’ve made a lot of really solid friendships here at WCI, and every job will have its up and downs but when you get to socialize with so many great people and get to know them, that goes a long way. Outside of work Josh, is a huge fan of the outdoors and loves to spend as much time as he can fishing. As a family man with two kids and a love for sports he’s fairly active. Being a former football and hockey player, he now coaches his kids hockey team as well. Although he doesn’t play as much today,  he is still a sports fanatic, continuing to follow his love for the game and the San Diego Chargers. When we asked Josh what was the craziest thing he has witnessed here at WCI,  he responded with a funny story about some live squirrels in the school. Bottom line, one kid caught one with his hands which was quite impressive and one kid got bit. Both were a first to Josh.  Josh’s biggest piece of advice for highschool kids is: “Set a goal for yourself and follow it through. Don’t get too discouraged, things will always work out in the end and take every opportunity and run with it”. Josh has worked at a couple of elementary and high schools but claims nothing really stands out quite like WCI. The community feel about our school and how everyone looks out for each other convinced him to stay around.