Artist Profile: Andrei Secara



WCI is a home to many talented artists in many fields. Speaking specifically to the music side of things we’ve had staple artists such as Brittany Hope, Ken Gao and Tanya Rivero just to name a few. Adding to the musical talent upheld, we have Max C. who has made a huge name himself with his album artwork. Max, as you may have read about before on the fjord, primarily works for SoundCloud artists. We’ve been able to see some of his work with artists such as Killy, ASAP Mob, and Lil Yachty. WCI didn’t have any known SoundCloud artists until now. Andrei Secara has broken that barrier. You may have heard of him by his stage name Big Lump. Andre just released his first EP on the app this holiday break entitled Molly Jolly Christmas. The album features other WCI artists such as Bailey M. (Metro), Max S. (TeaTax), and Dave O. (DaveO). I was lucky enough to catch up with him before the album blew up to ask him a few questions.


When did you start rapping?

A few weeks before the release of my album so around November 2017.

Why do you rap?

It’s fun and easy to do.

Biggest inspiration?

Lil pump; he’s demonstrated the simplicity of the craft. Anyone can do it.

Biggest challenge in the album making process?

I found it difficult using the app Rhymezone to try to find a rhyme that makes sense.

Best part of the album making process?

Trying out a bunch of different vocal effects and finding out which works best was definitely the most fun.

Favourite song on your album?

“Moving Slow” ft. Metro.

Least favourite song?

“He’s Real.” (But the fans like it!)

Future projects?

Yep, next would definitely be a quality over collab album.

Favourite artist?

Future or Ski Mask  



We wish Andrei the best of luck in his future endeavors on the app. Hopefully, he can follow in the footsteps of other artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and Playboi Carti who used that platform to make a name for themselves. We may even see a Max C. Big Lump collaboration in the near future. To listen to the album click here