• No Picture

    Photo Gallery: 80’s Theme

    These pictures were all taken in a grocery store. You don’t need any fancy scenic view to have fun and take pictures with your friends. These are 80’s themed pictures with beanies and vintage sweaters [...]
  • Features

    Food Options At WCI

    At Waterloo Collegiate Institute (WCI), students are lucky that there are so many nearby places to get food during lunchtime. Going into grade 9, I was fortunate enough to dodge the fact that WCI was [...]
  • Arts

    Photo Essay: Blue denim, White Shoes

    Tip-toes on the train tracks. Freezing water meets freezing mortal. Taken 20 ft up. The Swoosh. Simple. Fluid. Fast. You’re walking on thin ice, mister. Ripped threads, white kicks. Nike: The Ancient Roman Greek goddess [...]