A Look Back at Fall Sports

November 30, 2015 Michael Frazer 0
As the last leaves fall from their trees, and the winter frost start to creep in, it is evident that the fall sports season has ended, and the winter season is beginning. Before we move on to the winter sports season let’s take a look back on 2015 fall teams.

Redefining Culture: Bengali Style

November 29, 2015 Monica Marczuk 0
Bengali immigrant Dazana H. recently took time out of her studies to speak with the FJORD about how being a young immigrant has affected both the opportunities she is given and her mindset towards others now.

Concept 2015: Good Fun, Great Music

November 27, 2015 Luke Sarazin 0
What’s important to remember is that Concept is more than just a play. While the drama is important, a significant part of the runtime is devoted to dance and live music. These performances did not disappoint, lending a fantastic amount of energy to the show.

Cake Boss Challenge 2015: Results

November 27, 2015 Mel Sauve 0
After five days of voting, the 2015 Cake Boss Challenge poll is now closed and the results are in. The Sponge Bob cake, created by a group of grade 10 girls, came out on top with 50% of the total votes. Surf’s Up was a distant second with nearly 13% and D’oh took third place with just over 10% of the votes.

Dress in a “Modest Manner”

November 27, 2015 Kaitlyn Hiebert 0
The dress code is inconsistent and lacks detail. People at school get “busted” for dress code violations frequently. Maybe students need to have more information in order to follow the rules more closely.

Teachers: More Than Just a Markbook

November 26, 2015 Jacob Totzke 0
In this video we interviewed three WCI teachers to get a closer look at the people behind the profession. But first, we interviewed several students about how they view teachers in general.

Weekend Performance Cancelled Amidst Custodial Job Action

November 26, 2015 Leighton Zink 0
This past Thursday, Waterloo Collegiate was met with the news that November 28th’s performance of the variety show, Concept, would be cancelled as a result of ongoing labour negotiations between the Ontario Public School Boards Association (OPSBA) and the Custodial and Maintenance Association (CAMA).

Concept 2015: Revealing the Spies

November 24, 2015 Sheffi Ben David 0
With Concept 2015 right around the corner, and ticket sales already under way, we took a look at the Drama section of the production–specifically, the five main characters acting in this year’s espionage-themed Concept show.