5 Ways to Prepare for College/University

Photo taken by: Mrs. Klassen

As a high school student approaching the finish line, the thought of college/university is one which brings out many different emotions. You may be thrilled to leave your boring hometown behind, or you may fear change and the idea of moving on. Whatever your emotion may be, you must know how to be prepared for the transition. Here are five steps you can take to prepare yourself for your post secondary education.

  1. Sort Out a Financial Plan

College/university is NOT cheap. There are many expenses which may seem extremely overwhelming coming into first year. Textbooks, tuition and housing are just the primary expenses, but you must still consider other expenses, such as food, school supplies and more. Outlining a rough financial plan may just save you. It is important to spend as little as possible while at school, and having this financial plan may help you to keep your spending to a minimum. For tips on money, and how it should be saved/spent responsibly, check out the following link .

  1.   Forget About High School

Consider high school as a finished chapter of your life, and allow yourself to move on. Forgetting about high school will allow you to meet new people and experience new things. According to The Huffington Post, clearing your mind of the past allows you to better enjoy the future. College/university is not going to be like high school, and once you realize this, the transition will become much easier.

  1.   Accept and Embrace Change

The reality is, college/university is going to be a big change. Humans tend to be afraid of change, and as reported by Life Hacker this is completely normal. Post secondary education will push you out of your comfort zone in several different aspects, but that is a good thing. You may have relied on your parents throughout high school, but in college/university, you must learn to be independent. Although you may not enjoy the busy life as a college/university student at first, being open, and having a positive attitude towards the situation will allow you to clearly see that it is not so bad.

  1.   Be Organized

Just like any other year, you must be sure to have all of the necessary supplies for school. Only this year, apart from school supplies, you must also pack supplies for living. If you plan on living at home this is not a concern, but if you plan to live in residence, you have a lot of packing to do. Pack what you need, not everything you own. According to Maclean’s, students are notorious for packing things which they never even use while away at school. So make sure to pack the essentials, not everything you own.

  1.    Stop Stressing

Looking ahead, college/university can seem very overwhelming, but stressing about it certainly will not help. As reported by Mayo Clinic, stress can be very damaging to the body, and is linked to many illnesses. Of course there is much to do before beginning your first year, but worrying about it will only make it worse. If you are looking for ways to cope with your stress try using these 7 steps.

At the end of the day, college/university is going to be an emotional journey. There will be good times, and there will be bad times, but that is merely a part of growing up. So next time you are freaking out about preparing for first year, remember these easy steps and try your best to relax.