Concept 2015: Revealing the Spies

Concept, WCI’s fall student-run production, is a show in which students showcase their talents in dancing, singing, and acting in front of the whole school and their families.

With Concept 2015 right around the corner, and ticket sales already under way, we took a look at the Drama section of the production–specifically, the five main characters acting in this year’s espionage-themed Concept show.

Colloquially named the “Unskilled Spies,” the five are the underdogs that the play follows throughout their first real mission at the Spy Agency. Archie, Sam, Clover, Alex, and Aaron are played by Duncan M., Sarah M., Tori K., Julianna U., and Brandon K. respectively, and we interviewed them about why they chose to participate in this year’s production.

Duncan plays Archie Porter, a play on the famous comedic movie spy Austin Powers. Archie is convinced that he is irresistible, and is obsessed with women. He spends every moment of his time hitting on different women he comes across and failing over and over due to his own overconfidence. Duncan describes his character as a “wannabe playboy, who on the surface is an idiot, but proves his worth in the end.”

The characters that the three girls play in the production are based on the kids’ tv show, Totally Spies, where the main characters are three female spies by the names of Sam, Clover, and Alex.

Sarah plays Sam, a disapproving feminist.
Sarah plays Sam, a disapproving feminist.

Sarah describes her character, Sam, as an “opinionated woman” who loves to argue, especially when it comes to issues related to feminism or women’s rights. She goes on long rants about the subject whenever she perceives that someone is being sexist or discriminatory in any way, normally getting interrupted by her annoyed teammates.

Tori, as Clover, stares off into the distance.
Tori, as Clover, stares off into the distance.

Clover, described by Tori as a “typical beach babe dumb blonde,” is obsessed with her looks and her outfit, and pays very little attention to what’s going on around her. She misunderstands what’s going on, but tries her best whenever possible to accomplish her mission.

Julianna, as Alex, is the only "normal" person of the five.
Julianna, as Alex, is the only “normal” person of the five.

According to Julianna, Alex is the only “normal” person in the group of misfits. She describes her character as “a balance between the other characters’ personalities,” providing contrast to their quirks.

If there were only a single main character, it would be Aaron Blond, whose last name is a reference to famous movie spy James Bond. Brandon describes his character as a “structured, serious” spy who wants to be like Bond and bosses his team around, but he doesn’t get what he wants because he is, in the end, still a new and inexperienced spy.

In talking with the five actors, it was clear that for them, Concept is less about the show and more about the experience. “It’s a great opportunity to meet a lot of new people,” Julianna explained, “especially from other grades.” The drama cast alone contains almost 30 people and spans five grades, all of them coming together by the end of the show. Brandon agreed with Julianna, saying that “Concept helps build community skills, [and it] encouraged me to open up and make new friends.”

Two Concept 2015 shows are running on November 26 and 27 in the auditorium. Tickets are sold outside the cafeteria during the week of the show.