Concept 2015: Good Fun, Great Music

Last night, a selection of the budding talent at WCI was showcased at Concept 2015: Undercover. The spy­themed show follows heavily caricatured agents through a mission to rescue Her Majesty, the Queen from equally over­ the top villains.

The cast played their roles well, and elicited some genuine laughs as momentum picked up moving into the second act. However, it felt as though there were simply too many characters, creating confusion when 15 named figures are forced to compete for attention on stage. We learned very little about the main characters’ and villains’ motivations­­, which caused some twists and reveals to lack the punch intended. That being said, the story came to a conclusive, well executed ending.

What’s important to remember is that Concept is more than just a play. While the drama is important, a significant part of the runtime is devoted to dance and live music. These performances did not disappoint, lending a fantastic amount of energy to the show.

The performers and techs must be especially applauded for working around the issues caused by the Auditorium’s lackluster acoustics and “Cold ­War” wiring, which have been known to haunt past performances and ceremonies. That’s not to say there weren’t a few bugs­­ – Murphy’s law lives in the Auditorium – ­­but they were handled relatively smoothly and professionally, aside from a frustrated amp­-less guitarist storming quietly offstage.

All in all, Concept 2015: Undercover is a fun, easy­-to-­watch show that delivers laughs despite its flaws.