Raising Funds for Charity: Roll With Swirl

Taken by Samantha H.

Earlier this month, the grade 11 entrepreneurship class sold cinnamon buns and apple cider outside of the cafeteria to support Doctors Without Borders, an international humanitarian-aid organization.

The cinnamon buns and apple cider were sold by the entrepreneurship class’ business: Swirl. The class created every aspect of this business from scratch: the name, logo, slogan, ads, and announcements. They also were responsible for contacting all suppliers.

When asked about the reasons behind the name, “Swirl,” Richa P., one of the general managers for the project, said they chose Swirl because of “cinnamon buns and their physical shape. The dough forms a ‘swirl’ shape. Plus, it’s catchy.”

The class selected Doctors Without Borders as the beneficiary of the funds they raised because, according to Samantha H., “One of our classmates was familiar with the charity and had a personal connection with it.”

Doctors Without Borders is an aid organization that has this goal: “to help people worldwide where the need is greatest, delivering emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters or exclusion from health care.”

Richa P. said she would describe Swirl as “An entrepreneurial challenge designed to allow the students in the class to experience the process of starting their own business.”

In the past, small, student-run businesses similar to Swirl have raised anywhere from $100 to $700 or more depending on the volume of the event.

This year, the class hoped to raise at least $300. Prices for Swirl products ranged from $1 to $3. As a result of their sales, they raised $360. 100% of their profits will be sent to Doctors Without Borders.

Photography: Samantha H.