Viking Polls: University or College Bound

Senior students are on high alert as stress levels sky rocket with the pressure of applying to colleges and universities with the best marks possible.

We interviewed students to see where they are headed after high school. To see what university bound students had to say, see our video at the end of this article.

Drew K. and Zach B. are WCI students. We asked them about their thoughts on moving into their next stages of life. Drew is hardworking at her Kids Abilities co-op job, and she is hoping to move into a nursing program in Fanshawe college. Zach is in fifth year student who is planning on going into a trades program at Conestoga college.

When we asked Drew what her plans were after grade twelve, she said she looked forward to “moving to London to attend Fanshawe and transferring my current job at Tootsies to the London location.” Drew would love to move away from Waterloo and start a new chapter in her life.

After asking Zach why he had chosen to go into a trade, he said “that’s where the money is.” He was also very enthusiastic about it and said he enjoys doing hands-on work. HVAC, a heating, ventilation and air conditioning course, is Zach’s number one choice but he would be happy getting into any similar trade.

Drew said she chose Fanshawe because she enjoyed the feel of the school and could definitely envision herself on that campus. Although Drew would like get away from Waterloo, she still has family living in London to always fall back on if she finds she needs them. The nursing program at Fanshawe Drew would like to attend is the four year Bachelor of Nursing.

When we asked Drew what she was most nervous about when moving off to college she said balancing school with work and friends. Zach said that “finding a job after” is the most nerve racking thing about moving onto post secondary education.

Students often  struggle with many different things when moving to college and university. The transition from living with parents to living alone can be overwhelming and stressful. Both college and university students are excited to move away from their hometowns and begin more independent lives. In addition to the excitement, there is a lot of fear of moving as well. Students moving to college and university will face the same challenges of caring for themselves and trying to keep their grades up. No matter where students go for post secondary they will face both fun and stressful times. University and college may seem like distant goals, but there’s comfort in knowing that so many people are going through the same processes.

Article: Marci Hill

Videography: Marci Hill and Melanie George