WCI Wins Awards at First Model United Nations

This year, WCI attended the Model United Nations, hosted at Waterloo’s Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) on December 11, and came out having the most awards of any school in the competition. Awards included Rishika G. and Lucas C. for Best Delegates in their respective committees, Ollie D. for Best Position Paper (honorable mention), and Ritu S. for Best Position Paper (overall). Three WCI students also advanced to a higher level of UN simulation: Rishika, Lucas, and Aditi V.


In the Model UN, attendees are stationed in different committees modelled after the real United Nations committees, and they represent countries that would be in those committees in real life. Students prepare position papers on real issues based on their assigned role, and debate within their committees against other delegates in order to reach a conclusion about how to address issues.

According to Lucas, WCI’s success in the event was not unexpected. “I was happy, but not necessarily surprised,” he said. “We’re a very capable school. We worked to prepare for this, and we knew going into it what we had to do.” Despite this, Lucas didn’t expect to get the award that he did: “I certainly didn’t consider myself the best person in the room, […] though I was very happy to see that the person who would’ve been my pick for best delegate was given the Most Diplomatic award—perhaps a more fitting one, really.”


The three students who advanced to the next level of UN simulation have been invited to CANIMUN, a larger, university-level Model UN that will include delegates from across Canada as well as international ones.

Photography: CIGI/Lisa Malleck

Article: Sheffi Ben-David