Artist Spotlight: Ashley B.

Ashley B., also known as her stage name Blaze Flames, talks music with WCI.

“Music is like therapy.”

Nineteen year old Ashley B., also known by her stage name Blaze Flames, has been song writing since she was in grade 8.  

“The first song I [ever] wrote was about how I felt alive again after some difficult times,” she shared.

A metal core and post-hardcore fan herself, Ashley pulls inspiration from some of her favourite bands, including Green Day, Simple Plan, Sleeping with Sirens, and, her all time favourite, Crown the Empire. “Many of their songs have helped me through a lot,” she said.

When asked about her goals with song writing, Ashley said she hopes to help others with her own music, drawing on her life experiences and memories for her lyrics. “I write songs that are very relatable,” she said.

Since age 2 until grade 7, Ashley has been singing in school and church choirs. In the future, she hopes to learn to play the bass.

“I’m still trying to figure out the music part for most of my songs. I just write song lyrics for now,” she explained. She then added, “Who says a girl can’t learn how to rock?”

Ashley is currently working on a song about long distance relationships. “I’m explaining it from the place of missing someone,” she said.

When asked what she would like to do after graduating from WCI, Ashley said she would “totally love to go the distance” and see if she can “eventually get a record deal.”

Music is my passion. It speaks out to you when you’re at your lowest point in your life. I believe that music has a way of saving your life in so many ways,” she said.