Six of the Best Free Apps You May Not Know About

With new applications being created everyday, offering new and exciting content for anyone with a smartphone, it can be hard to find the diamonds in the rough. So I have put together a list of what I have found to be some of the most free, handy applications that I think most people are missing out on.   

1. Layout – Android, IOS

Making that perfect birthday collage for your BFF can definitely be a challenge, but Layout is the easy fix so your Instagram collages can reach their true potential. Layout lets you make a collage using any photo you have on your phone with many unique templates. After working with the app for just a couple minutes you quickly master the intuitive dragging, dropping, and sliding. If you are trying to get 10k likes on your social media posts or just wish your friends happy birthday, Layout will help you deliver every time.

2. SwiftKey – Android, IOS

Let’s face it: the stock keyboard that comes on your phone can be frustrating beyond belief when it keeps autocorrecting to words you would never say. SwiftKey is here to change that. Over time, SwiftKey will pick up on your writing patterns, and can start predicting entire sentences for you. It not only speeds up your texting, but also gives you speech to text and writing to text option, which are not always the most useful but can sometimes have their niche uses. SwiftKey is a huge upgrade over the stock keyboard and can make a noticeable difference in your day-to-day use.

3. DO! – IOS

Waking up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat because you just remembered the test that you have tomorrow is a thing of the past. DO! teams up with your to do list app to make clean and customizable notifications. You are able to colour coordinate events, pin different reminders, and set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reminders. If you are looking to get organized or just improve your current to do list app, DO! is great free option.

4. Nova Launcher – Android

If your android phone is seemingly bland, but you don’t have $600 for a new phone, then it’s time for a change and Nova Launcher can be that change. You can think of a launcher like a phone case: the back of your phone is still there, but you get to pick what you see on the other side. A launcher achieves that for what you see on your screen. There are quite a few out there to pick from if you want your phone to look like it’s running IOS or if you want to have penguins all over your screen. After you spend some time looking through the pages of launchers, you will find that nothing comes close to the free customization Nova Launcher offers you.

5. Microsoft Word – Android, IOS

That little notepad app works great on your phone for the quick reminder or to add something to your grocery list, but when you need to be working on an essay, article, or any word document for that matter, Microsoft has released Word for free. Being able to work on a .doc file on the go can be a blessing when you find yourself with nothing to do or in a situation where every word counts. It’s not quite the same thing as being on your computer, but in a pinch it can be a lifesaver.

6. Duet – Android

This is the only game I put on the list, really, because most mobile games try to do too much with such a limited device. Duet however keeps the game design simple but hard to master. Your goal is to guide two in-sync vessels through an ever changing maze. The story mode is roughly fifty levels and has been the most frustrating, but rewarding, game I have played on my phone. With crisp animations and a soundtrack that keeps bringing me back on its own, it is hard to ask for much more in a mobile game.


With new iterations of smart phones coming out each year, the technology is constantly improving, pushing how and when we are interacting with them. As the capabilities of the phones increase, developers are able to make applications that can save us time, money, and even give us some entertainment. These apps may not revolutionize your life, but they will make some of life’s mundane tasks a little easier.