Artists Spotlight: “Not For Kids”

Colouring books are for children, right?

At the end of 2015, two of WCI’s art classes, taught by Mr. Bishop, took part in an upcoming trend: they created an adult colouring book.

Entitled “Not For Kids (a colouring book),” it features intricate and fascinating designs provided by students from grades 9 to 12.


There has been some debate about where the proceeds will go. The idea that students, who had their work featured in the book, would receive a certain percent of the income has floated around. However, there was also talk of the money being donated to charities or to help fund specific organizations or events.


Mr. Bishop decided that the proceeds will support the Henni Klaassen Memorial Award.

This product features work from the following 24 students (in alphabetical order): Hamza A-M., Jasmin A., Jacob B., Kate B., Rhiannon B., Sarah C., Meghan C-B., Catherine C., Tiaira C., Rachel D., Maria F., Brittney G., Alyssa G., Maiya G., Casey H., Emma K., Abby K., Shannon K., Bronwyn L., Julian M., Sarandon S., Arthur S., Dylan S., and Jessica Y.

Let your inner child out and colour inside the lines!

Books are being sold outside the cafeteria for $5.00 each.