Spring Coffeehouse: Calm Before the Storm

Many forms of art are a sampling of the emotions that were felt at a precise moment in time. Performance art, however, could be considered to be much more “pure,” in the sense that the audience experiences the art in the same moment the artist performs it.

For some, Coffeehouse is their first time performing in front of a large group. At live performance events like this, one can see, hear, and feel the nervousness and the strength of the emotions that a performer experiences. Many of the acts last Thursday were far from perfect, but a lack of perfection is part of the beauty of coffeehouse.

Vicky O. singing with Ben D. on guitar.


Elizabeth D. singing a song from “The Life of Pablo.”

Students gathered in the Drama Room for a night of music, comedy, and community. Thursday’s coffeehouse began with a peaceful folk song on the ukulele, called, “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson, and continued with a hilarious comedy act.

Lea S. playing the ukulele.


Gavin B. beginning the night with a bang.IMG_0164

Although there were awkward breaks (thanks to many shying away from the mic) students cheered each other on and pushed their friends to show their talents. It was an incredibly supportive environment.

There was a large turnout, considering the ice storm forecast for later that night. Lea S., one of the organizers, said, “We were very pleased with the turnout. We had to bring in extra chairs, which is a good problem to have!” The people that came during such rough weather were committed to having a good time. 

Tanya R. rocking some dance moves in between verses.

The serenity felt during an outburst of awkward laughter and the cheers at the end of a performance, brought the room together. It truly was a calm and relaxing night. 

Article: Elizabeth Dorfman

Photography: Natalie Carmichael