Letter to the Editor: Candidates’ False Claims

I’m writing in response to the recent article on the mayoral candidates for the ABCD elections.

As one of the heads of Eco Club, I find it irritating when people make false claims about their involvement in extra curricular activities like Eco Club.

People sometimes try to act as though they are part of a club that they believe does not really exist but the Eco Club is made up of some very committed and hardworking members. Not many acknowledge the hard work of the members of Eco Club, but they have managed to save the recycling program this year.

Why would someone try to take credit for some of the amazing work the members have done?

As a point of clarification, events like Operation Green Team are separate from the work of Eco Club. Participating in them does not make someone a member of the club.

Eco Club members attend weekly meetings and commit to projects throughout the year. Operation Green Team was in fact an ABCD run event, run by this year’s Environment Controllers.

It’s okay if someone is not part of Eco Club – participating in it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if someone isn’t, he or she should not invalidate the work of the true members in the club by claiming credit for their work.

At WCI, I have the impression that we want to promote honesty and involvement in our school, but how can we do that when some of the mayoral candidates make claims not based on fact (or at the very least misunderstanding)?

I doubt anyone intended to cause any drama over a claim about being in Eco Club, and I recognize that all the mayoral candidates are great members of the WCI Community. Each candidate is accomplished and capable of being a great mayor, but taking false credit for participating in a club is not something that should go unnoticed, especially when that club has struggled to keep going and raises awareness about a really important issue: our environment.

Representative from Eco Club

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