WCI Poll: Your Guide to the ABCD Elections

Election week at WCI is undoubtedly quite a whirlwind. Lockers and walls plastered with colourful posters can feel overwhelming, especially when combined with mobs of friendly campaigners appealing to your school spirit with tiny, wrapped candies and chocolate. It’s easy for the information about who to vote for and how to vote to get lost in the bustle.

To ensure you get all the basics, FJORD Contributors Emily Nighman and Kate Schneider are here with your designated election coverage to give you everything you need to know.


You can vote this Thursday (at lunch) and Friday (before school and at lunch) in the main foyer. You may vote for as many candidates as the listed maximum or as few as one (the “maximum” for each position is listed beside each title.) Since this information is rarely readily available, below is a list of each elected position, along with the position’s official description and the candidates.


Mayor (maximum of 2 votes)

Mayors should support and attend all events and WCI related initiatives. They represent WCI at public functions and, in conjunction with Mr. Nickel and ABCD, create the school year calendar. They are also responsible for Parent Council meetings, Junior Leadership meetings, ABCD meetings, and the Feeder School Leadership Conference.

The candidates:

  • Mark C.
  • Kendra P.
  • Maggie S.
  • Andrew T.

Board of Control (maximum of 4 votes)

There are four positions on the Board of Control. Activities Controller organises lunchtime activities and intramurals. Arts Controller runs Coffee Houses, organises Arts Ball, and is a liaison between ABCD and art initiatives at WCI. Events Controller organises Grade 9 Party and sets up the Semi-Formal Committee. Public Relations Controller regularly changes the marquis, coordinates Teacher/Staff Appreciation initiatives, and organises the Remembrance Day Assembly, Honour Roll Breakfast, and the Senior Awards Assembly. All controllers work with a Junior Controller.

The candidates:

  • Claire B.
  • Annabelle D.
  • Ben D.
  • Carolyn L.
  • Adnan N.
  • Alex R.
  • Tanya R.
  • Emma T.

Spirit Director (maximum of 2 votes)

Spirit Directors oversee spirit-related events and activities, such as Spirit Club and the Spirit of Waterloo BBQ, and promote school spirit.

The candidates:

  • Guled H.
  • Sharif I.
  • Katie K.
  • Duncan M.

Girls Athletic Commissioner (maximum of 1 vote)

The Boys and Girls Athletic Commissioners organise Holidays are for Helping and oversee all events run by the Athletic Directorate, such as Athletic Banquet.

The candidates:

  • Adri K.
  • Becca K.

The following positions were filled during the preliminary elections as the candidates went unchallenged:

Boys Athletic Commissioner

See Girls Athletic Commissioner.

The commissioner:

  • Bennett R.

Grad Club Coordinators

Grad Club Coordinators organise regular Grad Club meetings and activities, including Grad Buddies, Prom, the Grad Video, and the Grad Gift.

The coordinators:

  • Narges J.
  • Abby S.

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