Highlights and Results from the ABCD Election Week

This year’s ABCD speeches had a clear prevailing theme: how to include the wide range of diverse voices around our school. However, each candidate had a different idea of how to achieve this inclusion, while trying to make individual connections to the students. Below are some of our highlights from the election speeches.


Emma T. positioned herself as just an “average Grade 10 girl” and stated that sometimes students can be excluded from the conversation because they aren’t considered “the best of the best.”


Tanya R., a Grade 9 student heavily involved in music at WCI productions such as Concept and Multi, argued that being in the youngest grade does not affect the quality of the leader and that she can work just as hard as senior students.


Alex R., a Grade 11 student, brought enthusiastic humour to the speeches with his descriptive story of Rudolph the Reindeer, his role model and a true hero who saved the day: “When my name comes up, I want you to think of the glowing red nose and the saviour of Christmas.”


Adnan N. clearly stole the show with his appeal to his audience’s emotions: “being a refugee has made me stronger,” he said. Later, though, he expertly switched to humour, exclaiming,“I like soccer!” as he held a soccer ball high in the air.


Carolyn L., another Grade 9 student, engaged the audience right from the start by telling a funny narrative about her mornings before school. “KFC is salty, but Carolyn Leung is sweet,” she ended, alluding to her food-focused campaign.


Annabelle D. stressed the importance of teamwork and how her experiences in Concept dance helped her gain confidence: “ABCD has become a close and passionate family.”


Ben D., a Grade 11 student, started off on a humorous note when, due to his massive height, had to raise the podium microphone until it was pointing straight up. He emphasized his love of helping people: “Just like Dobby helped Harry [Potter],” he concluded.


Claire B. listed some impressive accomplishments, including being a Multi music director. “It was a lot of work and I enjoyed every single minute of it,” she said as she tied in her campaign slogan, “Claire Bear Cares,” by wearing a bear onesie.



Becca K. shared the story of how she tore her ACL at the beginning of this year, not letting her try out for school sports. However, she explained how this forced her to be a team player from a different perspective and ultimately made her a better leader.


Adri K., wearing a Superman costume, talked about her involvement in the school’s events and athletics, sharing that she had participated in all three seasons of WCI sports.



Duncan M., a Grade 11 student, used fire as a metaphor for WCI spirit by saying he wants to turn the “ember back into a roaring flame,” and that a vote for him was not “just voting for some funny guy.”


Katie K. played on the metaphor of a Viking boat by throwing around engaging slogans such as “I’ll keep the spirit swelling, that’s for sure” and “the spirit is what keeps us afloat.”


Sharif I. got the crowd laughing with his humour as he described himself as a “piece of dark chocolate.” “That’s right! Sharif!” he exclaimed.


Guled H. started his speech by rapping, captivating the audience, and apologized after: “Sorry, I get a little carried away with this stuff.” He ended with,“Whoever has the aux cord better have a fire playlist.”



Andrew T. had a very sincere speech, in which he talked about the importance of “honesty and trust.” He bluntly stated, “ABCD has a reputation for being elitist,” yet also described “all the lovely faces on Student Council.”


Maggie S. won the prize for the biggest vocabulary and having the most forceful speech, saying “I can promise you I’m qualified … [with] a work ethic rivalled by few.” She argued that WCI is “synonymous with diversity” and said, “I truly believe I am a reflection of our school’s interests.”


Kendra P. explained how she wants to be remembered for being a leader and how her goals are to make “WCI a warm and inviting place.” Some of her proposals included more “high level positions on committees for non-ABCD students” to “make this upcoming year a memorable one.”


Mark C. started off with humour: “Oh hey, hey guys… if you could put your phones away,” and again, like many, emphasized the need for inclusion. He filled his speech with more jokes: “I’m really, really, really ridiculously good looking,” and “I love this school as much as Kanye loves Kanye.”



The votes have been tallied and the results of today’s election are in. The following are the successful candidates for elected positions on WCI’s ABCD or Student Council:

Board of Control

  • Ben D.
  • Adnan N.
  • Alex R.
  • Emma T.

Girls Athletic Commissioner

  • Becca K.

Boys Athletic Commisioner

  • Bennett R. (uncontested)

Grade Club Coordinators

  • Narges J. (uncontested)
  • Abby S. (uncontested)

Spirit Directors

  • Guled H.
  • Sharif I.


  • Mark C.
  • Maggie S.

Congratulations to all of the candidates on this year’s election!