Artist Spotlight: Janna K.

WCI Student Janna has been drawing for as long as she can remember.


She first began drawing in cartoons, until age 12, when she began studying more realistic styles with her new art teacher. The huge jump to a more technical focus was hard. But faced with difficult projects, she worked hard because she knows that practise will further build her skills. At age 13, she also began animation.


Her favourite part of art is being able to express herself. “It’s really amazing what possibilities drawing has wielded.” She says. “Drawing isn’t just about drawing but also visualizing things in your head. Art changed the way I see the world.”

“I do art because it makes me happy. It’s the simplest way to say it. I’ve met so many people through art that I wouldn’t have met otherwise.”

Janna’s achievements over the years include getting 3rd place on the Sears DX Design Competition in grade 9 with her playground concept designed for Waterloo Park. In grade 10, she entered again and once more gained a high position. She has also left her mark at WCI, with her mural in the weight room.

“I follow art and it follows me. We intertwine and follow the same path.”


In the future, the aspiring architect hopes to “express her love for the world through art and architecture.” She says, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do until last year. I thought architects were just people who wore hats and clipboards. Then I joined a seminar, Go ENG Girl, and that encouraged me to become an architect.” She plans on going to University of Waterloo to study architecture because of the amazing program and campus, as well as because “It overlooks the river which just gets the creative juices flowing. You just look at that and go ‘I just wanna work’, you know?” Her inspirations include Antoni Gaudí, as well as her art teacher, who is also an architect. She wants to visit Europe to experience their long history of architecture. “You don’t know the future of architecture unless you understand the past.”

“It’s amazing how drawing has evolved. I want to be part of the history.”