Bao Sandwich Bar

Located on an offshoot off of Hazel, Bao Sandwich Bar offers a modern approach to very diverse array of asian cuisines. Specializing on their Vietnamese sandwiches (Bánh mì) and Taiwanese steamed buns (Gua Bao), the restaurant presents flavours and textures that excite.


Located where Hazel St and Balsam St intersect (Photo: Kimathi Kaai)

With a rugged concrete floor paired with rustic bamboo walls and tables, the restaurant adheres to its oriental roots, with a modern industrial touch. Bao Sandwich Bar has a very cozy ambience which is attributed to its “simple is better” restaurant layout as well as their chalkboard menu. As you enter through the glass door you will be confronted by a wooden wall; it’s made out of hundreds of individually cut and sanded  cedar four-by-four posts.


Co-owners & brothers, Joey and Mike Tanisaki, made the wall, only with the help of Youtube (Photo: Kimathi Kaai)

The variety of food at the Bao Sandwich Bar is astonishing. You can order their Chicken Katsu, Chicken Little, Avocado, Seoul Beef, Soule Pork and Dynasty Duck sandwiches in a baguette or two baos; each sandwich has its own specially cooked meats with dense flavour profiles accompanied by fresh and crunchy vegetables. I ordered their Seoul Pork sandwich along with their Dynasty Duck Poutine with their popular green tea beverage.


Seoul Pork: Spicy Pork, Garlic Mayo, Cucumbers, Green Onions and Kimchi (Photo: Kimathi Kaai)

Bao Sandwich Bar celebrates diversity by creating dishes that are influenced by the French/Korean/Vietnamese cuisine. When I entered their kitchen to watch the creation of my meal, I noticed their emphasis on quality as they brought a variety of ingredients together and presented them in their best forms.


Back kitchen of the Bao Sandwich Bar (Photo: Kimathi Kaai)

Although tricky to find, Bao Sandwich Bar is definitely a place to check out if you love quality food. The restaurant is perfect for adventurous students, as it offers a diverse array of food at a reasonable price.


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Photos by Kimathi Kaai