The library in your pocket


Hey what’s that in your pocket there? Is that a…library?
Just think about it thanks to technology now you can carry an entire library in your pocket. Not a typical library, but a digital one, accessible 24/7. Everyone can use it, it’s as simple as google.
If you’re worried about books not being cool; lo and behold “e-books”. If you have trouble reading a small font change the settings make it bigger. It’s better image and color quality without the aged and worn out pages. Best of all you can read anywhere any time without having to carry or store heavy books. You can take your whole collection with you wherever you go
You want to know the story, but don’t have the time or patience to read it well let me introduce you to audio books. They’re a great way to make the world of storytelling a lot easier for those who can’t read or even those who are simply too lazy.
Going online and searching for a book is a lot easier than going through a library “old style” book by book. Digital libraries have no doubt made life easier for research and student work. Although digital libraries have their own limitations too such as internet accessibility and battery life.


The WCI library is expanding the definition of what can be done in a space formerly reserved exclusively for books.
According to our librarian Mr.Fusco “Moving away from a traditional Library into a Learning Commons has given students the freedom to learn at their own pace using books and technology and a comfortable place to learn.”
Our library has started a multimedia maker space for design and movie-making featuring bookable iMacs, and iPads for movie making that can be signed out for one week at a time. There’s even a vinyl printer for those who want to make their own custom stickers and decals. Chromebooks are available to use anywhere inside the library, instead of the desktop computers that have been moved elsewhere in the school.
As printed encyclopedias have been supplanted by online database subscriptions such as JSTOR, we now have space for a gallery to display student art work.
Digital libraries are increasingly well-equipped to meet the needs of the 21st century learner.