Meet the Principal: Mrs. Kolb

As many of you could imagine, being a principal is a very hard task. Knowing that it’s been over 7 years since a new principal had placed within Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Mrs. Kolb’s position marks a significant change. If you didn’t know, a principal is responsible for managing the major administrative tasks within the school and supervising all students and teachers. But, is Mrs. Kolb ready to take on her leadership role?

When Mrs. Kolb walks through her new environment, she welcomes the tasks and responsibilities that will come along with being the new leader of the school. When asked, what are things you would do to ensure WCI’s growth and to make sure everybody is learning, Mrs. Kolb responded, “I know that it’s important that we have an inclusive and safe place for all students. Because, when all students feel included and safe in an environment, that’s when they feel connected, and when students feel connected, that’s when they will be successful.”

She acknowledges that she cannot do everything on her own. Inviting collaboration with both students and teachers, Mrs. Kolb envisions great things for WCI. “I see that we need an environment that fosters learning and well-being because that’s very important for every student and teacher. You need to remember that staff are also learning as we go along on this journey.” Even though the new principal has only been in position for less than a month, she presents an outgoing, honest, and refreshing personality. Waterloo Collegiate Institute is known for its remarkable staff. By the looks of it, another was gained. Waterloo Collegiate Institute will be in great hands.

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