New Aspect to Teaching: Chromebook Addition

In our society, a lot of people are exposed to the presence of technological material on a daily  basis and can not live without them. With the constant technological exposure students have within the school, WRDSB had decided to implement an easier way for  students to be able to learn much more effectively. Thus, opening up a new aspect to the teaching world called, the Chromebook 1:1 initiative.

The chrome book 1 to 1 initiate began as a result of two important considerations.  First, the board had looked at everything learned through the Board’s multi-year Futures Forum Project. This is where they had explored technology enabled learning, changing practice, and new assessment strategies. Due to the addition of the Futures Forum Project, students had scored two to five percent higher on assessments and reported better participation with the new online perspective to teaching.

When the Chief Information Officer Mark Carbone was asked how this would be an asset to every student in WRDSB, he had said, “There will come a day when desktops are either no longer produced, or created for niche markets. I think this project has already been very successful in the areas of 21st century technology enabled learning. Introducing a sustainable plan for distributed technology, changing practice and providing an opportunity for all secondary students to learn in a more flexible and blended learning environment.


Mark Carbone:

  •  Former secondary school teacher
  •  Current Chief Information Officer
  • Been a part of WRDSB for over thirty years

Because of the success to the Futures Forum Project, the chrome book 1:1 Initiate allows the grade nine students to possess  a chrome book at home, or school, with the goal to help them excel academically during their high school career. Now, you’re probably wondering, what is a chrome book? A chrome book is a computer that runs on Google Chrome’s operating system. These Chrome books allow the access to many google applications like, google drive, classroom, calendar and many more. Even though the schools chrome books have been a reliable gain for students and teachers, many question how it was affordable within the schools budget.


In reality, running the 1 to 1 chrome book approach is the same cost as running the lab program. Which is roughly around $1.5M annually. Due to the rise of this project, possessing the desktops within the schools are seen to be useless with the School Board. So, every school year following this one, the Waterloo District School Board has decided to get rid of thirty desktops each year to implement the use of the chrome books.

In addition to obtaining all of these chrome books, a lot of the older students seem to be very disappointed with the gain of the 1;1 initiative. This is because, if you’re past the ninth grade, those students will not have the pleasure to have their own chrome book.

Even though this project seems to be very successful, there seems to be an equal amount of negative remarks for it to be abolished. With every great gain, it invites a lot of critics. We will just have to see how this project either keeps succeeding, or fails in the next few years.