Is Football the Right Sport to Represent our School?

The Battle of Waterloo has been built up to be one of the biggest and most important events of the school year. The whole school is dismissed from their classes to attend an assembly to get everyone “hyped” for the football game. Before the  game the school hosts a barbecue for all the Viking fans. After the barbeque everyone walks to the stadium together to show their school spirit. Battle always takes place in October when the weather is cold and rainy, so students huddle together to keep warm or end up leaving before the end of the game. This begs the question, is football really the best sport to represent our school, kick off the school year and show off our school spirit?

_mg_8782_154Waterloo Collegiate Institute is involved heavily in sports. So why is football the only sport that represents our school? Countless WCI teams go to CWOSSA and OFSAA each year and most of their efforts go unnoticed by the student population as there is no assembly or battle held to support them. Many of these teams consistently rank higher than our football team. In a recent conversation with a gym teacher at WCI, they stated that; “The real team you should be looking for is the 2012 boys volleyball team. They only lost one game all season and it was the gold medal in OFSAA.” He went on to say that the only real football success story WCI has to tell is about Ian Logan who now plays in the CFL. Swimming, tennis, golf, badminton, girls soccer and senior boys rugby have recently participated and placed in OFSAA in the past year.  These sports have proven time and time again that they can consistently do well, yet the whole school is required to postpone lessons and precious class time to go watch their classmates jump around in tight clothing to overplayed songs an assembly that is dedicated to a team that keeps losing.

img_8786_169Recently, a second event was created called Battle 2.0, and it takes place at the same Laurier stadium as the fall game. The boys and girls rugby teams now have a venue  but do not have an assembly to support them, and the games go without the same level of hype. Two years ago battle 2.0 was reserved for the boys rugby team, however last year it also included the girls rugby team. This gender equality will always be absent in the fall event, further raising questions about it’s validity as a school-wide activity. Over the two years both the boys and girls teams have won their games. Battle 2.0 has only been happening for two years yet they already have a better track record than the fall battle. Having a spring sport assembly before battle 2.0 would be a nice addition to the pregame barbecue that already exists making it equal with the fall battle, instead of making one battle seem more important than the other. Should WCI be represented by sports inclusive of males and females, or at least teams that can consistently win? Or is it even about sports at all?