Athlete Profile: Bryce Scarrow

For our Athlete of the week, we have Bryce Scarrow; a well-admired and very skilled Viking athlete that puts his heart and soul into every sport he plays. He has contributed a lot to this school and is an outstanding member of the sports community, playing as much as he can, whenever he can. As I interview Bryce Scarrow, he talks about how he enjoys creating bonds with his teammates, the physicality of football and how he thinks the WCI Football team could’ve performed better this year.

What sports do you play ?

Football, basketball and rugby

What position do you play?

In football I play wide receiver and quarterback, basketball I play forward, and in rugby I’m outside centre.

How long have you been playing football?

This is my 7th year playing.

What is the best thing about playing your position?

Being able to get physical.

How well do you think you as a player did during this season?

I played to the best of my ability this year, due to the team not always being on its toes and all the injuries we had. I wish I had played a better season for my senior year but I performed well for the circumstances.

Why do you enjoy playing football?

Football is my favourite sport because of its physical nature and intensity. I also love it  because of the team aspect, the friendships and brotherhoods you make from the sport. It’s a real team sport and brings everyone on the team together like a family.

How well do you think the football team did overall this season?

Our team didn’t perform to it’s full potential this year due to injuries, lack of numbers and not everyone’s minds were focused as it should’ve been. We should’ve been a lot more disciplined also.

What sports do you want to play in the future?

University football.

Do you play any sports outside of school?

I play football outside of school.

What teams did you play for outside of school?

I play for Twin City Predators and I represented Team Ontario.

What sport do you wish you could play?

None, I’m happy with the sports I play.

Bryce continues to flourish in athletics during his last year at WCI. Best of luck to him and his team this season!