Meet the Educator: Mr. Chapman


Mr.Chapman, our new vice principal is a friendly and easily approachable person, He graduated from teacher’s college in 2001, he has taught in two provinces: in British Columbia he taught at seven different schools before he moved to Ontario nine years ago. Since arriving,  he has taught in three schools and one alternative program. WCI is his first job as Vice Principal.  Mr. Chapman says he has always had an interest in working with kids and he was a coach for a long time and believed that being able to coach while being a teacher would be the best of both worlds “I always felt that it was the profession that I was going to enjoy, when I was growing up and I just kinda went with my gut.” He finds that the best part of his job is that he gets to work with at-risk kids – finding creative solutions for the issues that come along with an at risk population.

Coming to WCI has been a great experience according to Mr. Chapman, “It’s been a very welcoming transition for me because it’s not only a new school but it’s a new job”, He says that  since everyone is so helpful, active and welcoming his transition has been easier for him and he enjoys these characteristics of the WCI community. He likes to be very active on his twitter account and tweeting about cool things happening at WCI.

“I’m happy to have the opportunity to be involved and see all these things going on in WCI”

When I asked him if there was one thing that he would like to change in WCI his response was “I would change the physical layout of the building so more people with disabilities or people that have problems with getting around could get around easier, and I would add air conditioning to it.”

Mr.Chapman’s message to the entire student body of WCI was “Be kind to each other, be patient with each other and when confronted with issues put yourself in the other person’s shoes to see how they may be feeling about the issue and then approach it from a perspective of wanting to understand and asking questions rather than coming with an answer”.