Mr. Nickel to Coach UW Women’s Basketball Team

Craig Nickel is head of the Student Activities department and a guidance counsellor at Waterloo Collegiate Institute, but to many he is also a friend. This week Mr. Nickel will begin to spend less time at WCI as he will be coaching the University of Waterloo women’s basketball team for the next five months. He will be at WCI for considerably less time then he would normally, but he will still be around: “I’m leaving two thirds of my job…I’m going to be here for one third of my time as a guidance counsellor” said Nickel in an interview. Mr. Nickel, being head of student activities, is heavily involved with the student body and has become close with many students at the school. Paul Turner, a fifth year member of ABCD, had fond words to say about Mr. Nickel: “What started as a teacher-student relationship turned into a friendship, and I know a lot of students don’t get to experience that. It’s really great how he’s helped me along the way. He always made me feel like I had potential” Emma Cheeseman, another WCI student, was coached by Mr. Nickel and is a part of ABCD. In reference to Nickel coaching the UW women’s basketball team, Emma said “It’s a huge accomplishment and we’re really proud of him.” These are just two of the many students who will miss Nickel. When Fjord interviewed Mr. Nickel, we found that he also feels sentimental about leaving the school: “I’m feeling very conflicted. I’m excited to coach at university level for 5 months, it’s a real privilege. At the same time I feel very connected to WCI and the idea of not being here all the time seems very foreign.” When asked what he will miss the most about WCI, Nickel said “Without question it’s just the general culture of this building and all the activities that go on. It never ceases to amaze me how many great kids we have here. The students have their eyes up in the hallways, they acknowledge people, they’re good to each other. And all the activities from the sports teams, to the clubs, to the productions; and just not being integrally involved of the culture in the school… I’m gonna miss it. I think WCI students are really intelligent, worldly, and have good global perspectives and I think we take that for granted. We think that that’s how students are everywhere and yet i’ve been in enough school environments to know that’s not how most schools are. We have a really unique group of people here and I’m gonna miss that. My best friends in the world are at this school, the staff members, and I’m gonna miss them too.” Although Mr. Nickel will be missed, WCI is proud to see him coaching the University of Waterloo women’s basketball team.