Artist profile: Jaden Sherk


Name: Jaden Sherk

Age: 16


Fjord: How did you develop an interest in arts and how long ago was that?

Jaden: I actually got interested in art because my older brother is an artist as well so I always looked up to him and strived to do that, I found art fun and just kept working on it. I really got into it starting grade nine.


Fjord: What is your inspiration, what drives you as an artist?

Jaden: My brother’s definitely an inspiration to me, just because he’s my older brother and I Want to compete with him. He’s much better than I am but he’s definitely my inspiration.

Fjord:What style of art do u prefer the most?

Jaden: I prefer cartoon comic as arts but I’m open to anything really.jaden-sherk-3
Fjord: What is your favorite artwork that you’ve ever done?

Jaden: I actually really like the new one I’ve done for remembrance day; it’s a couple of soldiers. I didn’t name it yet but I really like how it turned out and that’s probably my favorite.


Fjord: As an artist what do you stand for?

Jaden: I stand for creativity; that’s the main thing. Have fun doing art parties I guess, just enjoying it and being creative.

Fjord: What are your goals when you start a new project?

Jaden: What I aim for is to finish it and by finishing it seeing where I went wrong and then looking at that and constantly improving, constant practice.

Fjord: What is your dream project?

Jaden: I think my dream project would be to maybe make a graphic novel or a ‘How to draw’ book, something along those lines.Disney’s pretty cool too.


Fjord: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given about your work?

Jaden: I think the best advice I get is the constructive criticism I get , it’s nothing too specific but like I love it when people point out imperfections in art. As in I’ll draw a face and someone will be like “Oh one of the eyes is too small” and then I’ll be like you’re right so then I can use that to get better.

Fjord: Is art a profession you would consider or more of a hobby?

Jaden: I definitely consider it a profession that I would like to go into after university or college and make a career out of it.