Who’s Down for Some Anime ?!

Do you watch anime?

Are you interested in various aspects of Japanese culture?

Of course! That’s why you should check out WCI’s Anime Club! Gathering on Thursdays after school in the Co-op room, Anime Club invites students who are interested in the rich and captivating world of anime.


Ting Xiong and Silvia George encourage students to check out the club because they would love to share this part of Japanese culture that they are so passionate about.


The club has a very casual tone, allowing students to either watch the featured anime projected on the screen or view their own choice on the desktops provided.


One thing I very much appreciated about the club is the ambiance. Everybody is well engaged whether their attention is placed in a discussion or simply watching an anime. The club is also very inclusive, allowing students of all types to freely and comfortably express their enthusiasm for anime.


Throughout the year, the Anime Club holds art fundraisers, such as their recent drawing/sticker fundraiser, to aid in the clubs ventures! In May, the club goes to an anime convention — Anime North — that celebrates anime, games and different aspects of Japanese culture.

If you have a passion for anime or simply want to learn more, you should definitely consider checking this club out.