You Like Trips, Eh?

Currently subscribed at over seventy five students spanning three different classrooms, American History is a course that enables students to push their horizons past the aspect of the Canadian culture. As a course that does not require a lot of memorization, it allows the students to push their critical thinking with the cause and effect relationship between major American events. With all of the attributes that course already delivers, it provides another quality that signifies the American history classes: the trip to Washington D.C. Now, Do students take American History because they enjoy learning about our neighbors to the south, or to have fun with their friends in Washington? In reality, it’s a mix of both.

Mr. Witmer, one of the American history teachers was asked if implementing a field trip to another country is an effective tool for teaching. He had replied, “Absolutely. You know, sometimes people tend to live in a sheltered environment for teaching and we know a lot about our local environment. But, to get out and see the world and view different things, it just broadens your horizons and opens up the ability to gain more knowledge. As well as, seeing things you might not have been able to ever see.” But, a teacher’s perspective can always differ from a students. Today, I will be interviewing two students that had taken American History last year, and ask them the same question. 

    img_9889   (Kimathi Kaai: Grade 12 student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute)

Fjord: Can you tell me something you learned about American History,  or the Washington D.C trip you attended?

Kimathi: *Laughs* To be honest, I don’t remember much about American history. But, the Washington trip made me realize that there is more to the world outside of Canada. Experiencing that with my friends made it even better.

img_9885(Keyuan Wang: Grade 12 student at Waterloo Collegiate Institute)

Fjord: Can you tell me something you had learned about American history, or the Washington D.C trip you attended?

Keyuan: Well, there are many things I had learned about American History. For example, I had gained a lot of insight about the stories of the past. By learning those stories, American History had become a class that made me excited to attend everyday of the week.

Even though Mr. Witmer has been on the Washington trip for twenty years, he explains how students get highly engaged within the classroom, and enjoys witnessing the monuments from the students perspective rather than his own. Although the trip to Washington can be a struggle for a teacher, having fun with friends and learning about American history is a great way to keep the students engaged. If you enjoy going on a trip to another country, and learning about Americas past, be sure to sign up for American History!