Club of the week: Cultural Mosaic

Cultural Mosaic is a club that welcomes everyone to join hands and come together as friends in an amazing experience that they can share. The club features a friendly atmosphere where everyone can be themselves and knit a colorful blanket of friendships. Cultural Mosaic represents the diversity of cultures at WCI and helps people from different cultural backgrounds to find a safe space to make new friends and learn new things.

According to club member Cassandra. R,“It’s an interesting club because it brings people together and lets them meet new people,” another member Jiayi. J stated,“I think cultural mosaic club is breaking down barriers between different groups of students in our school”

The three club leaders for cultural mosaic; Khashaiar Jalili (Aria), Kia Moazzami, and Christopher Bishop, are extremely friendly people who enjoy being part of this experience. The club meets every Wednesday after school until 3:30.

According to club leader Kia Moazzami, “The main purpose is to bring together as many people as we can both English learners and those who are fluent in English and then getting them to work together as groups where they can interact and welcome the newcomers to Canada, make them feel comfortable and also help with learning English and helping them be part of the WCI community.”

Hemin. H; one of the temporary leaders, stated his opinion on the club and said, “It’s really fantastic and everyone has a really good time here and everyone is different which is quite nice as well the fact that everyone gets involved with the activities.”

Aria. J; one of the club leaders said, “I think it’s a great club and it’s a great way to learn about different cultures and meet new people. That’s why I joined last year and I’m running it this year because I want others to be able to experience what I did last year.”