Petition to Remove Hat Ban

A new petition has been created by the Social Innovation Club to remove the Hat Ban at Waterloo Collegiate Institute.

The petition is a result of Social Innovation Club observing the many signs of student dissatisfaction over the no hat rule. Before the petition, a twitter poll by Social Innovation Club revealed that 92% of 116 students do not agree with the no hat rule at WCI.

A statement is included on the petition page that explains their views. Social Innovation Club claims that “The hat ban is an outdated policy, the purpose of which is constantly questioned by students.” They noted that the administration in response has “presented minimal reasoning that supports the no hat rule.” As hats can be used for students to express themselves, Social Innovation Club also claims that the no hat rule “undermines the accepting learning environment.” They mention that “similar policies have been removed from many High Schools in the Waterloo Region including SJAM and KCI for this very reason.”

As of this week, over 100 students have already signed the petition. You can visit this link to sign and/or read their statement to see where you stand.