How to: Student Lunch

A healthy lunch is essential to any growing teen’s body but it’s often hard to prepare a lunch everyday. Many turn to the local businesses for food every day, which can quickly cause a dent to your pocket. Here are a few tips and tricks to a cheap or healthy lunch.

1. Try to prepare a healthy lunch in advance as it is often much cheaper and healthier.
2. Preparing multiple lunches ahead of time helps save time and insures you aren’t rushing to make lunch in the morning.
3. Without any preparation, fruits such as bananas and apples are quick and easy while also providing essential nutrients.
4. The cafeteria doesn’t always offer the best food, but it’s cheap and very convenient.
5. Always carry granola bars in your backpack as they last near indefinitely and give you have something to eat even if you forget your lunch or your wallet.
6. Tim Horton’s, McDonalds, and Harveys get very full of students from WCI and St. Davids so it’s best if you avoid them or go towards the end of the lunch period.
7. It is a good idea to set a daily, weekly, or monthly lunch budget to make sure you aren’t spending too much on food.
8. Many places offer value menu options that are much cheaper than the full size meals.
9. With any purchase, Wendy’s offers a free, refillable drink if you have a student card.
10. Biancas offers high quality pizza at a good price, meanwhile Twice The Deal offers the cheapest pizza in town.
11. 7/11 has one dollar coffee.
12. Freshii on king street offers many fresh and healthy options as well as vegan options