Scholarships: Top 5

Post-secondary education is a time consuming, stressful, and financially draining part of most young adult’s lives. One of the biggest struggles of applications and tuitions to the countless university and college as the expenses are high for each school. However, for most schools and most students there are certain scholarships and bursaries that are available to students in order to help with tuition and costs.

To start with, many people are unaware of the reasons why scholarships are important, especially for those with the funds and the means of providing this extremely expensive post secondary education. One of the biggest reasons scholarships are so sought after is the fact that college and university prices have increased dramatically over the years, people owe a lot of money and the economy is not at it’s highest point. With everything revolving around money, it creates a hardship for those who want to achieve, however, scholarships can make university possible.

There are numerous scholarships within universities or within Canada itself and are deemed as some of the top five in Canada for universities. For more information on other scholarships you could strive for, visit .

With so many scholarships floating around the nation, here are some of the top five:

  • The National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation is a program specifically for those of Aboriginal descent in Canada. It provides the proper tools for achievement in higher education for First Nations in financial need.
  • Aiming for the Top Tuition Scholarships is for Ontario high school students with academic excellence. This is more commonly known as OSAP, which gives about $2,400 to each accepted student, with students attending post secondary school full time.
  • The Bobby Orr Entrance Scholarship is more of a specific scholarship that has a value of $2100 and is only available to students with academic record combined with extracurricular participation or service to apply.
  • The Canadian Association of Principals Senior Student Leadership Award is a scholarship that is for students with exceptional leadership skills and activities within the school as well as the community itself. It allows principals to recognize the students that have done outstanding and exceptional work.
  • The Carol Anne Letheren Leadership and Sport Scholarship is an award for female athletes applying to business, marketing and sport management field areas.

There are so many scholarships in Canada that it is extremely easy to become an applicant, just doing the research and keeping up grades helps tremendously for financial support and scholarships within Ontario and Canada. For more information on the five scholarships mentioned above, visit the websites below:

1.National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation:

  1. Aiming for the Top Tuition Scholarships:

  1. Bobby Orr Entrance Scholarships:


  1. Canadian Association of Principals Senior Student Leadership Award:


  1. Carol Anne Letheren Leadership and Sport Scholarship: