Single Review: Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift is back and bad as ever but not in a good way. She dropped her single, “Look What You Made Me Do” on August 25th after her long break from social media that to be honest, no one really noticed. The song is seemed to be a new style and a big change for her. The whole album is heard to be filled with songs of pure vengeance. We all thought that with the time she took off she was reinventing her sound, being the bigger person after past issues. We were definitely wrong.

It’s disappointing to see that the age old squabble amongst Taylor Swift and Kanye West continues. What started with the VMA interruption that led to a long lasting beef that was eventually squashed had a re-opening in 2016 through the release of Kanye West’s song Famous. Though, the course of events through the Famous debacle is not what I intend to discuss as there’s a new song here in 2017.

Taylor Swift’s look what you made me do is stocked full of Kanye references clearly. Firstly, it was said, “Sorry the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, why? Because she’s dead.” Our first thought about that line was simply she’s very dramatic. The line basically states that she is turning into a whole new person, with a bad reputation. Secondly, she sang, “the role you made me play:of the fool/No, I don’t like you.” We all saw it when Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift’s verbal consent to the song Famous and it’s lyrics. And above it all, even though Taylor’s representatives say there’s no correlation, we truly believe that the date of Kanye West’s late mother’s death as a release date must be related.

Overall, we don’t like her new style, the song,  or her intentions and we have zero expectations for her upcoming album. We’re sorry Taylor, but look what you made us do.