Waterloo Collegiate Institute has many lunch options but one of the favourites among staff and students alike is Fat Bastard Burrito. Fat Bastard Burrito has burritos, tacos, quesadillas, chips, and even naked burritos. Expect to pay around 10 to 15 dollars for a lunch that includes a huge burrito and a drink. The restaurant features fresh, quality ingredients as well as a welcome, clean, and cool environment. I have personally eaten at Fat Bastard over 50 times and have never been disappointed. The picture seen below is the ground beef huge size, with the toppings , beans, rice, noodles, cheese, coleslaw, salsa, chips, burrito sauce, hot sauce and sour cream. The burritos flavors work very well. The slight heat from the hot sauce, the smoothness from the sour cream and burrito sauce as well as the crunch from the beans, rice, and noodles all come together to form a delicious combination. Fat Bastard is a three minute walk from WCI so you can easily get there and get back from lunch on time. With meat options, vegetarian options, and even vegan options, there are lunch choices for everybody. Ehab T, a grade twelve student, said “I’ve been going to Fat Bastards for the last 4 years and I’ve never been disappointed in the quality or size of the burritos. The friendly and quick staff are a nice plus.” Fat Bastard has established itself as a great choice if you are looking for a delicious, and nutritious lunch. If you haven’t already been there, I strongly suggest trying it out.


Food:         ★★★★★

Quality:         ★★★★★

Service:        ★★★★

Cleanliness:  ★★★★★