Actor profile: Keagan Tremblett

Name: Keagan Tremblett

Grade: Fifth year

Fjord: When did you start acting?

Keagan: I had never really been into acting until grade 7, and even then it was just amateur school stuff. That year I was in a drama club, we did a small play then, but it wasn’t a very big deal.

Fjord: What have your contributions to school productions been?

Keagan: Well, for school productions, in grade nine I did Alice in wonderland, and the next two years I did concept, both the music and the acting, and in grade twelve we did West Side Story, which was really, really amazing, and now we’re up to this year with my role as Macbeth!

Fjord: As an actor, what is your favourite role or dream role and why?

Keagan: Well, I had a lot of fun with West Side Story, it was something completely different. I was Bernardo, and there were the fight scenes that we did, and that was completely new to me, something I had never learned any fight combat before. Developing the accent was also a little difficult, so not only was it really fun but West Side Story posed a challenge to me. Also I’ve never played that sort of… a-hole character before, so it was a really nice change, very different from the year before.

Fjord: What would be your favourite play or movie?

Keagan: Recently, ironically enough, I prefer cinematography over plays, but of course, great acting is crucial to making either. I just saw baby driver, which was instantly hitting my top ten at least. The past few years I’ve enjoyed Mad Max, the Dark Knight, with Heath Ledger, that was a good one. And if we’re really going back, Silence of Lambs. You can’t get any better Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal.

Fjord: Do you think acting would become more of a hobby or a profession for you?

Keagan: For me, I find it’s more of a hobby for now. I mean, if it does lead up to being a career in the future that would be.. Pretty sweet. I don’t see that a whole lot in my future, unfortunately, maybe as a side thing, but I do really enjoy it, absolutely. I’ll probably get an education, maybe at UW. But, for right now I’d like to focus on this show, and have a ton of fun with it.

Fjord: And what are you looking forward to about performing Macbeth?

Keagan: Apparently we’re supposed to be getting some sword fighting work done, and that’s another thing I haven’t done on stage before. There’s supposed to be a lot of fight scenes we’re putting together, so I’m excited to learn a little more about choreography. This will also be my first time performing a Shakespearean work, so I’m quite excited but also nervous for that, for all 690 of my lines!