The Perfect Fall Weather

September is the month for cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, but this year we are drenching in sweat from the extreme heat. In the past week, the temperature in Waterloo has not been below 25 degrees and we have hit a high of what feels like 41 degrees. This hot, sunny weather is putting students in the summer break mood.

WCI is not an air conditioned school and this affects students in so many negative ways. We went around the school and checked the temperature of classrooms on the third and fourth floors since they seem to be the hottest. Every classroom on the fourth floor was above 30 degrees. The hottest classroom hit a heaping 38 degrees (not including humidity). High environmental temperatures can be dangerous to your body. Students experience dehydration and exhaustion. How are students expected to work in these conditions? Sources say one student fills up his water bottle up to 6 times a day in hopes that water will solve all of his problems dealing with the heat. Sure, the school is trying their best to make the students feel as comfortable as possible like handing out freezies, putting out a few fans, and even changing up dress code but is that really enough?



The school will definitely come across this problem again in the future. Students can only handle so much, so what will the school board do about this situation the next time this heat comes around? Thankfully it is slowly becoming cooler and we are starting to see the sweaters and jeans. Students are trying their best to keep up with the heat and although this sunny weather is enjoyable, us students are ready for the fall weather.