Fjord TV Apology

On Friday, Oct. 20 FJORD TV published a video in progress containing critical remarks made about WCI spirit assemblies. The video was a component of a satirical comedy news program in the style of Last […]


Cure a Cold

Welcome back, flu season! It’s the time for coughs, chills, and sniffles. As a student it can be quite difficult to stay home for a sick day, so here are some things you can do […]


Athlete Profile: Scott Arndt

At WCI, one of the most underappreciated fall sports is Cross Country (acronym XC). Contrary to popular belief, Cross Country is actually a riveting, highly competitive sport with stellar athletes in association. There have been […]


Do We Need a New ‘Battle’?

At WCI, when you think of school spirit you probably think about sports. In particular, football. Battle of Waterloo is a timeless tradition at our school. The staff and students of WCI all come together to […]


Dear America

Dear United States of America, On September 28th, 2017, a man by the name of Stephen Paddock checked into room 32135 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. From his room on the 32nd floor of the […]


Getting to Know Plasma Dolphin

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sonja Katanic, the co-founder of an online/print arts and culture literature magazine called Plasma Dolphin. She and her friend Emma Cohen started it here at WCI back […]