Staff Profile: Jasper Wesson

      A new year at WCI comes with change and with change comes new teachers. Meet one of the new gym teachers: Mr. Wesson. You can catch him in any of the gyms or power fit room at anytime probably wearing gym shorts and a hoodie. Many of you may know him as he has been a substitute teacher and coach for a number of years. If you do know him you will know about his outgoing and fun personality. Don’t be fooled, though, he will work you hard in his classes. Wesson has previously taught at Bluevale and a First Nations school, but he described WCI as a dream job.

Wesson is a dedicated coach and you will see him coaching rugby junior girls basketball, and senior boys basketball. He was a student at WCI and won athlete of the year. When asked about how it felt he says, “It’s awesome to be back in the place that helped me a lot and it’s great to see some of the staff and coaches that let me get to where I am today.” He then added, “WCI is the best school in WCSSAA and I’m honored to be able to teach and coach here.” When asked what he would change about the school, Wesson said that the pink rotunda outside of the library has always been a pet peeve of his. Overall, Mr. Wesson is a great addition to the school’s staff. Have a great school year vikes!!